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May 30, 2017

Iceland Southern Coast Waterfalls and Glaciers

Vik, Iceland, Beach, Black sand beach

Hi all! I’m back to share more about my Iceland adventures! I told you about my Bachelorette Party in Iceland and our wonderful experience at the Blue Lagoon. The next day we went out on a tour of the southern coast of Iceland through Sterna Travel and it was INCREDIBLE! This is in no way a sponsored post, but I loved the tour so much I wanted to share with everyone! You can check out the tour at the link here. I will admit it’s a long tour at 10 hours, but you get to see so many amazing sights. My friends and I all really enjoyed the tour, even the few who didn’t think they’d be interested in a long tour bus ride. We saw the breathtaking Skogafoss waterfall, walked along the black sand beaches with crashing tides in Vik, touched a glacier, and even walked behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall!

Our first stop was at Skogafoss and it did not disappoint! If you get lucky enough to get a glimmer of a rainbow, be sure to snap a photo quickly because it will disappear just as fast as it came. Also, you have a unique opportunity here to climb the steep steps to get a view overlooking the waterfall. It is a bit of a workout, but I recommend taking that hike to get the magnificent view from above!

Iceland, Skogafoss, Waterfall, Rainbow

Skogafoss Waterfall

Iceland, Skogafoss, Waterfall, Rainbow

The view over Skogafoss when you climb to the top

The next stop was the breathtaking black sand beaches of Vik. This place is spectacular! Soak in the beautiful views, but be careful not to get to close to the water. The waves come crashing in far up the beach with a very strong undertow.

Vik, Iceland, Black sand beach

Vik Black Sand Beach

Vik, Iceland, Beach, Black sand beach

Crashing waves in Vik

Iceland, Vik, Church, Viki i Myrdal

Vik i Myrdal Church

At the next stop, we got to walk right up to a glacier! It was amazing to see!

Iceland, tour, Glacier


Iceland, Glacier

Last but certainly not least, was Seljalandsfoss waterfall. The best part of this stop is you can actually walk behind the waterfall for a unique view! Prepare to leave drenched, but it’s definitely worth it for the photo op!

Seljalandsfoss waterfall, iceland

The view behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall

I highly recommend seeing the Southern Coast of Iceland, either by tour company or if you’re renting a car. There are many beautiful sights to be seen!

Happy Travels!


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May 16, 2017

My Unique Bachelorette Party in Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Iceland, Bride, Bachelorette Party, Friends Trip, Vacation, Spa

When you think of bachelorette party destinations, you typically think Vegas, Nashville and LA. However, I knew that the wild clubbing scene wasn’t really for me. I wanted to go somewhere more off the beaten path and share a real adventure with my closest friends. Coworkers and family members often looked at me perplexed and asked “why Iceland?”, but I say “Why not Iceland?”.

My best friend and Maid of Honor and I had always talked about how we wanted to go to Iceland and see the Northern Lights, so when I got an email from IcelandAir with roundtrip flights for under $400, it seemed like the perfect opportunity! That’s about how much I’d spend, if not more, going to California or Florida, and this would be much more exciting. I texted my other bridesmaids, not sure how they’d react to an international bachelorette party, but surprisingly they were all in and excited about the idea! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that my closest friends would have somewhat of a travel bug too.

Iceland ended up being the perfect destination for a best friends’ trip. Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful, but there really is something for everyone here. There is the blue lagoon for your pampering spa day, amazing tours for adventure or great sightseeing, and some really delicious restaurants.

We got our trip started right away by going straight from the airport to the Blue Lagoon. You can get a locker to hold your luggage, so it’s a very convenient first stop. The Blue Lagoon was much better than I imagined! It is very luxe feeling. The facilities look very new and clean and the service is great. You get different items for whichever package you get. We purchased the Premium package which included a robe, slippers, one drink and two masks in the lagoon and one glass of prosecco with lunch. The Blue Lagoon gets flack for being overcrowded with tourists, and don’t get me wrong, there will be other tourists there, but that did not detract from my experience. I think it’s crowded for a reason- and the reason is that it’s awesome! It was so relaxing to sink into the warm water with a face mask after an international flight. I could have stayed there for the entire day and been so happy. Especially since they have a nap room with reclining chairs! We, in fact, did spend almost 6 hours there.

Blue Lagoon, Spa, Iceland

Blue Lagoon

We had lunch in the LAVA Restaurant, which was great. The food was great and the views were beautiful, and the best part is you get to dine in your robe and slippers! What more could you ask for? (answer: a glass of prosecco)

LAVA Restaurant, Blue Lagoon, Iceland, Food

LAVA Restaurant at the Blue Lagoon

The LAVA Restaurant is expensive, however, ALL food in Iceland is expensive. Due to food quality and view, I would recommend paying splurging for a meal here. I ordered the grilled beef tenderloin with crispy potatoes and also enjoyed the glass of prosecco that came with my package. The bread to start was also delicious.

LAVA Restaurant, Blue Lagoon, Iceland, Food

Grilled Beef Tenderloin at LAVA Restaurant

All in all, myself and my bridesmaids all loved the Blue Lagoon! It’s a great place to go with a group of friends, or your significant other – I highly recommend making this stop on your trip to Iceland!

Next up, I’m putting together another post of the South Coast Tour we took. It was so exciting I felt it deserved its own post!

Happy Travels!